Dear colleagues,

After successfully organising the 1st  Summer School in School Psychology last June, we are organising the 2nd Summer School in School Psychology.

The title of the Summer School is: «Preventing Aggression, Anti-social Behaviors, and Bullying: Promoting Safe, Supportive, and Effective Schools» and the presenter is Prof. Shane R. Jimerson, University of California, Santa Barbara, H.Π.Α

The Summer School is addressed to school psychologists, university faculty staff, teachers (preschool, primary and secondary education) and graduate students of Psychology and
Education Programs.

Through comprehensive  theory and group activities the participants will become familiar with:

  1. the risk and protective factors for school safety
  2. the importance of effective schools for students’ psychosocial adjustment and academic performance
specific prevention and intervention strategies for tackling aggression, antisocial behavior and bullying in the school community.

On behalf of the Organising Committee

Sissy Hatzichristou
Professor of School Psychology

Fotini Polychroni
Lecturer of School Psychology

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